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Rag presents. Learn the colors

Children's Guide Learn the colors with Rag. With this video, children will begin to know and identify colors while having fun thanks to the friendly mascot on our site: our beloved Raggy bear. An educational video that will help children learn while playing.
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Time for mom

Natural ways to repel insects

From the morning beautiful sun, you can laze on the beach, go on a trip, and in the evening make a bonfire, sit outside. All this seems almost perfect, but even the best fun or rest can be spoiled by one tiny insect. In the summer they are especially intrusive and annoying, especially for children.
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Pregnancy / Childbirth

Cosmetics for pregnant women: are they safe? Are cosmetics for pregnant women safe? Karolina Łukaszewicz: I will say so - they should be, and whether they are depends on the composition of the cosmetic. Recently, many compounds are controversial about their toxic effects on the body. The opinions of scientists and doctors are divided. Unfortunately, I have to admit that many cosmetics on the Polish market for pregnant women contain such substances, they are
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What about a sore throat when breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, a nursing mother, like any other person, sometimes gets sick. It is not that it is protected against infections, runny nose, sore throat. However, is she condemned to suffering because of lactation and feeding her baby? How can it cure a sore throat that can sometimes cause real discomfort? Gargling with sage When we become parents, it is worth making friends with home remedies for infection.
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