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Vip Pets is a novelty in the Artyk range - an importer and distributor of toys and baby products. The series includes eight figurines of small dogs with lush hair: Lilith, Gwen, Juliet, Taylor, Lady Gigi, Alex, Nyla and Tiffany. Chestnut Nyla was sent to the editorial office address. The toy is intended for children from three years of age.

What was our first impression? I thought this dog was ... quite specific, I couldn't decide if I liked it or not. However, my daughter shouted: "how beautiful". Of course, I do not like the toy, so the first test the product passed. At least in my daughter's eyes.

What happened next We unpacked the dog, pulled out accessories: earrings, a comb for brushing, an ornament on the forehead and balls to plug into the hair. All these elements are made of medium durability plastic, which bends easily and due to the small size very quickly individual gadgets can be lost. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not take care of the packaging for these treasures. You have to organize them on your own.

We started with attaching decorations. Then, the daughter requested earrings. And here an unpleasant surprise. It couldn't be done. On YouTube presentations shared on foreign channels it looks like this task is very simple. Unfortunately, we did not succeed. Perhaps if the holes were larger, it would be possible. You can probably enlarge them yourself, but I think that the manufacturer should ensure that the toys do not have to be additionally prepared for play.

The biggest advantage of VIP PETS are undoubtedly the thick hair, which you can plug and attach elastics, hairpins (not necessarily those from the set) and prepare many interesting hairstyles, playing with the toy indefinitely.

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