The cheapest products for children and parents

The cheapest products for children and parents

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  • BoboVita rice porridge pack 180g for PLN 5.49 in Real
  • OboVita dessert 2x180g pack for PLN 6.59 in Real
  • BoboVita dishes for children pack 120g for PLN 3.19 in Real
  • Nestle NAN Pro baby formula milk 2x400g for 34.99 PLN in Real, at Tesco Nestle NAN Pro is offered at 37.99 PLN
  • Nestle Sinlac gluten-free cereal product packaging 500g for PLN 18.99 at Tesco
  • BoboVita Expert porridge for children 250g for PLN 9.99 + BoboVita flakes 200g free in Tesco supermarkets
  • BoboVita porridge 2x230g pack for PLN 13 in Tesco supermarkets
  • Bebiko modified milk pack of 350g for PLN 12.49 in Kaufland
  • Gerber soups, ready meals for children 190g pack for PLN 5.19 at Super Pharm
  • Hipp BIO fruit duo pack of 160g for PLN 5.49 at Super Pharm
  • Bebilon modified baby milk pack 1200g for PLN 64.99 at Super Pharm
  • BoboVita children's dishes pack for PLN 5.49 in Rossmann, where when you buy two you will receive a third free
  • Bebiko modified baby milk, pack of 800g, PLN 29.99 at Rossmann

Hygienic products

  • Johnson's Baby baby wipes pack of 4 × 56 items for PLN 17.99 in Real
  • Johnson's Baby bubble bath various types of 500ml pack for PLN 13.95 in Real
  • Nivea cosmetics for children of different types for PLN 9.99 in Real
  • Hygenic Baby baby wipes, pack of 72 + 1 for 1 penny for PLN 14.99 at Super Pharm
  • Lovela washing powder for 3.6kg pack for 34.99 PLN in Real
  • Pampers baby diapers in various sizes for 99.99 PLN at Tesco (midi 186 pcs, maxi 162 pcs, junior 132 pcs)
  • Schuma kids baby shampoo 250ml various types for PLN 6.29 at Super Pharm
  • Tesco Loves Baby diapers 2 pack for PLN 50 in Tesco different sizes
  • Bambi baby shampoo pack 300ml for PLN 3.39 in Kaufland
  • Johnson's Baby baby hair shampoo pack 500ml for PLN 11.99 at Super Pharm
  • Ziajka baby care products at Super Pharm 20% cheaper
  • Sweet Baby body care products for children pack 100mlm, 400ml for PLN 4.99 at Super Pharm with LifeStyle card
  • Kindii Cleanic pack 3x60 pcs for PLN 9.79 in Kaufland
  • Pampers baby diapers Maxi Pack 80 pcs at the price of 41.99 PLN for size 2 at Super Pharm
  • Pampers baby diapers in various sizes for PLN 47.99 at Super Pharm
  • Lovela washing powder pack 1.8kg for PLN 19.99 at Rossmann


  • NUK Freestyle soothers for children various types for PLN 9.99 at Super Pharm
  • Nose adapter at Super Pharm for PLN 23.99 Canpol Babies
  • Pregnancy tests, ovulation tests at Rossmann at PLN 8.99 / item

Promotion time

Real 2702.-05.03.2014
Tesco 27/02/05, 03/2014
Kaufland 27/02/05, 03/2014
Carrefour 2/26/03/2014
Super Pharm 27.02-12.03.2014
Rossmann 01/03/2014


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