Who does your child want to become in the future?

Who does your child want to become in the future?

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Who does your child want to become in the future?
A fireman, hairdresser, singer or maybe a policeman? Or maybe he will choose another profession?

Show us: answer, paint, share a photo, write a story.

Duration of the competition

We are waiting for answers by March 27, 2014 (until midnight).

Please send your works to the address [email protected] with the note "occupation".

Basic rules of the competition

Each competition participant may send only one competition entry.

If he decides to send a photo - collages are allowed.

The answer can be presented in any form: story, drawing, photo, nursery rhyme.

Responses containing the author's name and surname will be considered.

Detailed regulations are available here: regulations profession.

Mini mini fish hits: prize in the competition

Fish Pillow: prize in the competition


Prizes in the competition were funded by the owners of MiniMini + children's stations

1) Mini Mini big fish and the latest album "Przeboje MiniMini Rybki vol 4"

2) the latest album "Przeboje Rybki MiniMini vol 4"

3) the latest album "Przeboje Rybki MiniMini vol 4"

Three people win!

The editorial team of, looking for an idea for the competition, was inspired by a new animated series broadcast on MiniMini +. We invite you to the new season from March 15!

Details below.

Fireman Sam 8

Emission: from Saturday, March 15, every day at 9:25 and 15:55

The new season is even more adventure and rescue operations! Fireman Sam and his team will have more work than ever!

The series on the adventures of Fireman Sam won the hearts of young viewers around the world. The title hero and his friends live in the charming town of Pontypandy. Everyday life goes on very calmly here, but sometimes there are various surprising situations - then Sam and his team have to take action. No matter if the train breaks down or if you need to help the passengers of the boat that is stuck at sea - Sam, Penny, Elvis and Officer Steele are always at the station, ready to help! The brave firefighter not only extinguishes fires and participates in rescue operations, but also advises the residents of Pontypanda on various matters. Everyone values ​​his prudence and wisdom.

© Prism Art. & Design for Hit Ent.

This time, new residents will appear in small Pontypanda: Moose Roberts - expert in dealing with difficult conditions, who sets up a survival school and train driver, Gareth Griffiths. A new teacher, Mrs. Chen, also appears in the town with a daughter named Lily.

"Strażak Sam" is a humorous and warm animation for children.

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