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Controversial campaign: breastfeeding in the toilet

Controversial campaign: breastfeeding in the toilet

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The campaign called "When nature calls ..." shows breastfeeding women in the toilet.

"Private dining room?", "What to eat here?" - with these provocative slogans, the authors of posters, students of the University of North Texas pay attention to the problem of public breastfeeding.

Photos posted on the Facebook social profile have triggered a wave of emotions, have been commented and shared several thousand times. The reaction was immediate.

Interestingly, on foreign profiles, many people noticed the age of one of the models, which in their opinion is too young to be a mother. Nobody posted this type of comment on our Facebook profile.

However, others appeared. Regarding the "intimacy" necessary for breastfeeding, the convenience that separate, cozy rooms provide, and the lack thereof in many places: where it is difficult or difficult to feed.

A few mothers stressed that they themselves had a situation when someone tried to ask them to the toilet because they were breastfeeding ... There were no voices emphasizing that public breastfeeding too often has too much in common with exposure and too rarely just modest and discreet.

Should breastfeeding mothers go to the toilet?

Absolutely not!

The problem, however, is how to feed, to do it at a level in a country where even hardly anyone cares about it - there is a lot and the discussion continues.