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6 healthier alternatives to popular baby foods

6 healthier alternatives to popular baby foods

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Today, feeding a baby is an art. Requires knowledge, self-denial and consistency. However, it pays off. After all, it's about the health of our children. Capital that will give them a start in adult life.

How to replace ready products offered to us in stores? What not to give to children What not to be fooled? Here is a short list ...

Instead of sweet yogurt

Experts are increasingly convincing that we consume too much sweet milk, which is not the most valuable source of calcium (more on this topic). In addition, children are offered worse versions of "adult" supplements, usually sweet dairy snacks that contain large amounts of sugar. There is also another risk: dairy snacks are a potential source of hormones and antibiotics that cows are "fed" today to make them stronger and healthier.

Yoghurts created for children are unfortunately also a source of many additives: artificial colors and flavor enhancers.

Solution? Developing the habit of reading labels. You may be surprised how many toppings yogurt can have.

What to choose in return: soy yogurt, millet-coconut yogurt, bean yogurt or simply natural yogurt enriched with seasonal fresh fruit (recipes for each yogurt can be found by entering individual names in the search engine bar).

Ready sweet corn / oat flakes

Ready sweet "balls" or cereals for milk are not enough that they are heavily sweetened, they are extremely expensive, and usually carry only empty calories. Just like oatmeal created for children - they also have the minus that they are usually contaminated with gluten, so in the case of babies sensitive to gluten are not safe.

What in exchange? There are many ready-made cereal for children in the BIO version. However, you can also try millet, which tastes great in many ways (also perfect for breakfast and dinner) and when we are highly motivated and focused on healthy eating - buy a special homemade granola mill and prepare them from beans at home.


Millet cream

You will need:

  • 2.5 glasses of water,
  • a glass of millet
  • 50 grams of dried or fresh apricots
  • one medium apple

We boil water, throw in chopped apricots, then after about 5 minutes, throw in the apple (peeled and diced). After boiling water, add millet, reduce gas and simmer for about 20 minutes until the porridge absorbs water. Mix using a blender.

Instead of sweet lenses

Instead of sweetened juice with a mass of flavor enhancers and additions that are supposed to improve its appearance and taste, it's better to put on water ... However, the baby does not always, especially accustomed to sweet flavors, tolerates it. Then you can try giving the baby water with the addition of lemon or coconut water.

The alternative is fresh, homemade lemonade, iced green tea with fruit.

More on this topic.

Peanut butter

Manufacturers of baby products are confusing us, sending a signal that peanut butter is a healthy product, containing nuts and milk. However, this is only a trick. In fact, peanut butter is primarily ... sugar.

What in exchange? For sure almond butter, carobella cream with locust bean gum, hazelnut butter, pumpkin butter (you can prepare it yourself or buy a finished product in the organic store).

Instead of fish fingers

Fish have a reputation for being much healthier than red meat and even poultry. Unfortunately, fish sticks are heavily processed. As a finished product and frozen, they are deprived of many valuable nutrients. In addition, fish sticks are prepared for frying in deep fat, often have a low-quality coating, healthier to choose something else.

What in exchange? Steamed fish, grilled or baked preferably with vegetables.

Instead of fries

Experts point out that one fries for a child is as dangerous as a cigarette. Sounds dangerous? Excessively? Not necessarily. All because of the technique of deep-frying french fries, especially ready-made fries, available in the processed version. Polish scientists have proved that French fries can damage the nervous system, heart and cause cancer. All because of one component - acrylamide, which causes chronic inflammation in the body.

What in exchange? Of course, healthy baked fries. More on this topic.


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