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Lego creative cookies

Lego creative cookies

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I wondered for a long time whether this Lego theme set deserves the title of "parental hit". I had a lot of reservations, because the price that we have to take into account in some stores to receive Lego creative cookies is far too high. The cost of about PLN 150, however, can be treated differently in the context of online auctions and offers of good online stores, which often these blocks offer for a much lower amount: about PLN 80.

Iconic like Lego

There is no doubt that Lego is a cult toy. Loved by children. In the Lego Duplo version, it is enthusiastically received by millions of children around the world. All this means that Lego toys, including Lego Duplo, are played by subsequent generations of children, regardless of where they live.

For girls

Lego creative cookies are basically a toy for girls. Which doesn't mean that boys can't play with it. On the pink-lid packaging there is a photo of girls, which is supposed to suggest that they will be very happy to prepare cakes, cakes and cookies.

For two year olds

The toy is intended for children from 2 to 5 years old. Our daughter received this set for her second birthday and in a few weeks she gained quite a lot of practice in playing. She had no problems connecting individual elements. She created "ciacha" herself, of course not particularly suggesting what is in the attached thin booklet with pictures of various cakes, cakes and elements that can be made of blocks.

Perfect workmanship

It's Lego, that's why making blocks is perfect. The choice of colors allows you to satisfy small and large. Many options for making cakes will appeal to both younger and older children. Plus also for the idea of ​​creating a cardboard cover that can be used as a cookie tray.

The only cons are the price mentioned above. Even if we buy blocks for around 80 zlotys, in relation to the 55 elements contained in the content, it is definitely too high a price that the manufacturer will pay for the product.