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Lorraine Gallagher, the mother of two girls, who after reading many offensive entries on the site, committed suicide, asked the closure of a few months ago.

The same appeal was repeated by close relatives of Hanna Smith - a 14-year-old who, after reading a series of negative comments about her appearance, committed suicide.

Unfortunately, there are more similar stories. 12-year-old American Rebecca Sedwick after a year of reading unpleasant information about herself decided to "finish with herself" by jumping out the window. She took the terrifying advice of her executioners to heart. Rebecca, as it was later established in the investigation, harassed 15 girls.

The controversial portal that finds more and more recipients is confusing also to teenagers in Poland. On November 18, she tried to take a life of a junior high school student from the School Complex in Rodów. (more).

Freedom of speech or balancing on the border of the law?

Portal for the "unfortunate"?

Considering the possible "guilt" of the portal, you can write that is a place, like any other, that we have the freedom of speech, everyone has the right to write what they like, and the person who registers on this type of portal "asks for it she asks "to judge her, sometimes also to write badly about her.

However, such a statement does not explain the phenomenon. They only show that a person who makes similar theses or was a teenager a long time ago and does not know what it is like the world is seen through the lens of other people's opinions or not even a bit of sensitivity.

The portal has about 60 million users who communicate via questions and answers. 90% of users are between 13 and 23 years old. The site allows everyone to view photos and data of even 13-year-old children. Everyone can enter the site and comment on its content and ask virtually any question. There is no need to register, anonymous people are happy to comment on the site (when setting up an account on the portal, the user is informed about the possibility of receiving negative comments. He can turn off the option of commenting on his entries by anonymous).

Portal full of hate?

What is the purpose of the site? Why its popularity? is considered to be an interesting alternative to Facebook. In addition to spending time online, it also allows you to "get the most likes" under the answers and thus influence your "popularity" in real life. allowed, for example, to promote one Damian Buczek, also popular on other websites. Buczek is a teenager who is now to be adored by Polish junior high school students. He is also an enterprising boyfriend making money online.

Way to

In England launched special programs educating children and youth, how to navigate the internet and how to deal with negative online content. What can a parent who is afraid of the negative impact of the internet do?

It is worth talking to the child, controlling the pages he watches, motivating the teenager disabled the option of asking questions by anonymous peopleso that in the case of the so-called "hate" the child does not have the impression that a large number of negative comments comes from hundreds of people, because the experience of officers shows that they are often written by one and the same person. Turning off commenting by outsiders reduces the risk of receiving large numbers of negative entries.

Change of rules?

The creators of the portal stayed for a long time idle and ignored all signals from around the world, including from the Prime Minister of England to boycott the portal. In fact, they still have nothing to complain about. They do not intend to change the way the site functions.

A site registered in Latvia has its own rules. And also thanks to this it quickly gains popularity. However, after a series of suicides and after the decision to withdraw advertisers, the creators of have announced that they will increase the number of moderators who will respond to harassment reports on an ongoing basis. And what do you think about the controversial portal?