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Child fatigue

Child fatigue

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You love your child above life. If he is not with you for more than a few hours, you miss. You would do anything to make it happy, and yet ... sometimes you have enough. You can't deal with the daily routine, being always on the alert, constantly focusing your attention, checking and checking if your toddler is full, rested, or littering, what he will do in a moment, whether it is doing anything, or if it's developing well, that he has everything he needs. Tiredness can come at different stages, and you will most likely accompany you several times before the delightful toddler blows out the eighteen candles from the birthday cake: in the first weeks of life, then when the child gives up several naps and will be active all day, when he starts walking , run ... You don't have to pretend to be Polish Mother. You have the right to feel tired.

This moment, it will pass ...

Child fatigue - however cruel it sounds, happens to every mother. One admits it loudly. Other - no. The latter model of our grandmothers, or even I have cries to the pillows with helplessness, and sometimes feeling disgusted at myself, survives on the child: doing what she promised herself that she would never do: she screams, punishes, and sometimes unfortunately also hits hands, or give a slap, which effectiveness does not recognize ...

Does this behavior mean a loss? Can't you run away from him? The truth is that if you notice your own fatigue at the right time and are able to admit it to yourself, it will not turn into a frustration that will be difficult to overcome. The best recipe is rest. Simple but effective at the same time.

Parental burnout, what to do?

Once you have confessed to yourself that you are tired and need to feel not only mom, but a woman, wife, friend, as before - a lover of aerobics, swimming, or books - that's a huge plus. You're honest with yourself and you don't make a cyborg of yourself. That's a lot.

Start by talking. If you have a partner, tell us how you feel that childcare is beautiful but difficult at the same time. If he can help you, take advantage of his good will to take care of the child and go outside for even a short walk. See what the world looks like after dark, when your baby is usually asleep and you are next to him, look at the shop windows and see that life goes on outside of your family and without it.

For conversations about your well-being in addition to the partner, young mothers are also great. They are able to understand you best. They are experiencing similar moments ... just like you.

Don't look for support from your own mother or beloved aunt, they even remember good will despite their good intentions, and they probably don't remember much about the upbringing and care of a small child. Memory is unreliable, and with the passage of time you don't remember bad days, doubts, or really a lot of fatigue. Everything blurs, extreme emotions seem smaller, and the past is more pink than real. In addition, several or several dozen years ago children were brought up differently. When talking to someone from the older generation, instead of the necessary support and understanding, you can get an expression of amazement, or even downplaying your feelings, and that's not what you mean and that's not what you really need, right?

Occasionally organize only a few hours for yourself. Sometimes an aromatic bath is enough, and sometimes you will need to go shopping or an evening with a beer with friends. Every day celebrating your passion will be perfect, even if it would only take 15-30 minutes. You can spend this time knitting, reading books, listening to music, dancing, whatever you fancy.

Learn to rest with your child. Try to forget that you are an adult. Sometimes it is enough to go out to the children's entertainment center or to the cinema for a family screening. Why not make friends with another mother and go to a nearby playground? Are you afraid that your free time will be reflected in the appearance of your home or on the dinner menu? And if you let it go, you can't make it on time? It doesn't matter ... Nobody is perfect and you don't have to be perfect. For dinner, you can have pizza, packaged dumplings, or simply a soup made of frozen food. The world will not collapse and you will rest. After all, you deserve it .... how hardly anyone.


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