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Nursery rhymes for children. How to teach a child to count to ten?

Nursery rhymes for children. How to teach a child to count to ten?

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The toddler learns through play, so make sure you teach new things by feeling good. Nothing by force! Learning in the first years of life is to be a pleasure!


One second third step
A small hunger strikes me
Four five and six
We will eat soon
Seven eight
There will be chips with salmon
Nine ten steps I took for a delicious dinner I deserved

One two Three…
These are the first numbers ...
Four five…
I have a desire to learn today ...
Six seven…
What is next I do not know yet ...
Eight nine
And something else?
Well, ten!
I can finally count!

One, two, one, two,
a lady had a dog.
Three and four, three and four
this strange dog had manners.
Five and six, five and six
this dog refused to eat bones.
Seven, eight, seven, eight,
he was still asking for ice cream.
Nine, ten, nine, ten,
who will bring him this ice cream?
Maybe me, maybe you?
Count again: one, two, three!


1, 2 and 3 - this is mom, dad, you
4.5.6 - I would like to eat ice cream!
7,8,9,10 - grandma carries rolls in the bag,
how good it is that you can count! ”:)

"Left leg forward, left leg forward, something needs to be done for the homeland. First toes, then heels. Head up and stomach retracted. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten "

Gentlemen, ladies, we start cleaning
The first brick Jas finds
and it's already landing in the basket
I will lift the second brick
and I will take him to the basket
The third block next to the fourth
Maybe you can clean it up mate


and we sing


I have 10 sugar cakes (we count all sugar cakes)
I will gladly give them to you all
first candy mommy will get
because she did the laundry today
second candy daddy
because I love him very much
the fourth and fifth siblings will offer (we give to brothers and sisters)
let him rejoice today too
And what will happen to the sixth?
Ania doll will get it


I have one finger x2 (child shows on fingers)

I'm playing faster and faster

I have two mamx2 fingers

And I have faster and faster

I have three mamx2 fingers

And I play faster and faster ...


Ene, due, rebate,
he was rebuking the Chinese frog
and the Chinese frog,
what is the conclusion?
one two Three
you are chasing you!