The latest promotions - i.e. where you buy cheaper

The latest promotions - i.e. where you buy cheaper

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Shopping for children's products can seriously overstress the family budget. It is no secret that children's things cost them. How to save and spend less?

By using our weekly list.


  • Nestle Nan Pro baby milk in Carrefour for 2 × 400 grams PLN 49.99,
  • Nan milk two pieces at Super Pharm for PLN 82.99,
  • Nestle dessert at Super Pharm for PLN 9.49,
  • Bebiko milk at Super Pharm for PLN 33.99 instead of PLN 36.99,
  • Hipp children's dish different types 220 grams in Lidl for 5.79 zlotys,
  • drink or tea with juice in Lidl for PLN 3.99
  • juice in a Leon tube in Lidl at a price of 1.39 zlotys,
  • Bio apple drink with spring water in Lidl at a price of PLN 1.49
  • Gerber children's dish in Lidl 190 grams for PLN 4.49
  • Hipp fruit mousse in Lidl at PLN 2.99,
  • BoboVita children's dessert in Kaufland at PLN 3.85 per 190 grams instead of PLN 4.43
  • Gerber DoReMi at Super-Pharm for PLN 5.99.

Hygienic accessories

  • baby diapers Pampers Mega Box 150 pieces for PLN 84.99 (Carrefour),
  • Pampers Sleep & Play diapers 2 packs for PLN 49 in Net,
  • Pampers active baby dry diapers in Kaufland at PLN 45.99 instead of PLN 69.99,
  • Pampers Baby Fresh baby wipes in Kaufland at PLN 17.49 instead of PLN 21.99,
  • 1.8 kilogram powder or washing liquid for children's clothes selected types in Kaufland for PLN 13.99 instead of PLN 21.33,


  • XXL cottage in the Net for PLN 19.99
  • Girls leggings various designs 92-134 in Net for PLN 12.99

Promotion time

Tesco 2.07-15.07.2015

Polo Market July 1 - July 14, 2015

Lidl 06.07-12.07

Carrefour 07.07-13.07.2015

SuperPharm 01.07-15.07.2015

Net 6-12.07.2015

Kaufland 09/07/2015 to 15/07/2015


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