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Ultrasound abbreviations - what do they mean?

Ultrasound abbreviations - what do they mean?

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During pregnancy visits, an ultrasound is performed, an examination during which the doctor makes various measurements. The most commonly measured is head size, abdomen, femur length. Giving individual results, the gynecologist uses certain abbreviations. Their meaning is described below. Not all of these terms are of course used in every test. Some are evaluated only at certain stages of pregnancy. It should also be remembered that the framework in which the "norm" is located is quite wide, which is why each result should first be evaluated by an experienced gynecologist.

Basic ultrasound shortcuts

  • AC - baby belly circumference
  • AIF - amniotic fluid indicator
  • ASP - fetal heart rate
  • BPD - two-head dimension, i.e. the width of the head from parietal to parietal
  • AUA - average age of pregnancy according to ultrasound
  • CERIUM - cerebellar transverse dimension
  • CRL - parieto-sitting length, i.e. from the top of the head to the end of the child's torso, and specifically to the coccyx
  • EDD - approximate date of delivery
  • EFW - approximate weight of the child
  • FHR - baby's heartbeat measured in beats per minute
  • FL - femur length
  • GA - gestational age by last menstrual period
  • GS - gestational sac diameter
  • HC - head circumference
  • HL - humerus length
  • LMP - date of last menstrual period
  • LV - lateral ventricle width
  • NB - the nasal bone
  • NF neck crease
  • NT - neck translucency
  • OFD - occipital-frontal dimension
  • OHM - last menstrual period
  • TCD - transverse dimension of the cerebellum
  • TP - date of delivery
  • YS - yolk sac

Less often during the ultrasound examination the following abbreviations are used: APAD - anteroposterior dimension of the abdomen, Aptd - antero-posterior dimension of the chest, TIB - tibia length, ulna - ulnar bone length.

Doppler ultrasound:

  • MCA - middle brain artery,
  • PI - vascular pulsation rate
  • RI - vascular resistance index,
  • S / D - systolic / diastolic ratio,
  • UA - umbilical artery.