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Baby Cap is effective for cradle cap

Baby Cap is effective for cradle cap

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Cradle cap is a common condition for the youngest children. Appears on the scalp around the parietal area of ​​infants and babies. It may not disappear for months / years and be resistant to many care treatments - those performed according to the instructions of grandmothers and aunts, as well as using professional modern scalp care products. Cradle cap also likes to come back, once removed it tends to relapse.

The good news is that cradle cap is harmless, except for a cosmetic defect it usually doesn't cause any unpleasant symptoms.

cradle cap in a one-year-old child

How to remove cradle cap?

Our little tester - visible in the photo above - decided to review the cradle cap for Baby Cap with her mother. The preparation is closed in a convenient bottle - very handy and allowing easy dispensing of the agent, thanks to the spray tip. It can be used from the first day of life. It costs 18 zlotys and we will receive it even at Rossmann drugstores.

How does Baby Cap work on cradle cap?

According to the manufacturer:

  • accelerates the elimination of cradle cap, softening the epidermis,
  • soothes irritations, rebuilding the skin's lipid barrier,
  • regenerates and accelerates the skin renewal process,
  • does not clog pores,
  • it is effective and at the same time delicate.

Baby Cap ingredients

Baby Cap contains only natural ingredients. It is free from dyes, parabens and preservatives, has a natural pH for the skin. All this means that it can be used in even the youngest children.

Baby Cap - our impressions

First of all, convenience of use - it is hard not to appreciate it when we have a bottle with BabyCap in our hands. The product is handy, easy to apply, pleasant to apply, even on the head already densely covered with hair (see photo), its application is not a problem.

It cannot cope with cradle cap at once, but removes it effectively. For our little cradle cap tester, it disappeared after three applications.

It is very difficult to attach to anything by reviewing this preparation. Super composition, good performance, easy application.

Without a doubt this is our next Parental HIT!