Changes for parents in 2016 - IMPORTANT

Changes for parents in 2016 - IMPORTANT

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500 zlotys per child, 1000 zlotys for people who are not entitled to maternity allowance, greater flexibility of holidays and easy exchange of benefits between father and mother. These are just some of the changes that are to come into force in 2016.

Most of the following will apply from January 2016. Read what New Year will bring for parents!

Only two childbirth leaves

From 2016, parents will be able to take two holidays on the birth of a child. There will be no additional maternity leave that will be included in parental leave. The whole holiday leave that parents will be able to take will not change.

The first is maternity leave of 20 weeks and the second parental leave is 32 weeks, 52 weeks in total. In the case of multiple births, the leave will be longer, it may last from 65 to 71 weeks.

Only the first 14 weeks of leave are intended for mothers. With the remaining "free" working mom will be able to share the child's dad.

Up to three weeks to apply for a vacation

From January 2016, parents have up to three weeks from delivery to submit a maternity leave application. You can decide on the amount of benefit you receive during this time.

Parental leave in 4 parts

In 2015, it was possible to divide parental leave into a maximum of three parts, by January 2016 it will change.

Holidays can be divided into four parts. Parents will have the opportunity to take this leave until the child is six years old.

Possibility of using parental leave up to 6 years old

From January 2, 2016, the amendment to the Labor Code of July 24, 2015 will come into force, which will allow parents to share parental leave in such a way that part of it can be used when a child starts pre-school or school education. Holidays will be easier to share between parents, regardless of their form of employment.

Under the new law, additional maternity leave (6 weeks) will be combined with parental leave (26 weeks) for a total of 32 weeks. Parents will be able to use 16 weeks of this leave until the end of the calendar year in which the child turns 6 years old.

Paternity leave until the child turns two years old

In 2016, fathers will be able to take two weeks' paternity leave. They will have two years to take their leave, and not the usual one year.

They will be able to divide it into two parts and use it at a time of their choice.

1000 zlotys per child

An amendment to the Family Benefits Act prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Politics enters into force from January 2016. The changes apply to those who have not been entitled to maternity allowance up to now: the unemployed, farmers, students and employees employed under civil law contracts.

From January 2016, all these people will be able to apply for new childbirth benefits in the amount of PLN 1,000 per month. The changes will also apply to those who will receive maternity allowance for the birth of a child of less than PLN 1,000 - will receive compensation to this level. The income criterion will not be taken into account.

500 zlotys per child for the second and subsequent children: from April?

The announcement of the introduction of the law covering the payment of PLN 500 per child raises a lot of controversy. Over the course of several weeks, the arrangements change to whom and on what terms the amount will be paid.

At the moment, the arrangements are that 500 zlotys per child is to be given to the family for each second and subsequent child, without income criterion, and for the first child if the family does not exceed a certain income per family member.

Will the program PLN 500 per child come into force? In what dimension will it apply?

Time will tell.