Leg pain in children - growth pains

Leg pain in children - growth pains

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Leg pain in children is often an excuse, a lockpick word that appears during long journeys or when mom or dad ask for something and the child does not necessarily want to fulfill the request. However, this pain will not be discussed in this article, but something quite different, about the pain associated with growing up, growing up. Almost 2 out of 5 children experience this type of pain and they are often felt in the leg area. Should you worry about them? Is intervention needed when the toddler experiences them?

Leg pain in children - growth and other pains

Leg pain in children appears not only during the period of dynamic growth during puberty, but much faster. Small children can already experience it. Most often, pain appears on the thighs, calves or around the knees.

There are many theories about why growth pains appear. The main of them maintains that this is related to the uneven growth of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, which can be reflected in the feeling of discomfort. In addition, leg pain in children can result from high activity of the youngest, associated with jumping, running and active games during the day.

Another reason? Restless legs syndrome. Suspicion may fall into this problem, especially when someone in the family experienced it. It is also worth considering another reason, such as the lack of vitamin D in the child's diet.

What to do if your child has a sore leg

What can you do when children have leg pain? If it is not a big problem, it is worth just hugging the child, paying attention to them, comforting them. However, if the pain is greater and reduces the quality of functioning, you should act.

The procedure can be:

  • gentle massage,
  • relief of pain with a hot water bottle,
  • warm bath
  • performing calm and systematic stretching exercises,
  • in the case of severe pain - the use of painkillers at a dose adjusted to the patient's age based on paracetamol.

Leg pain in children - when to see a doctor?

Leg pain in children requires a visit to the doctor if:

  • does not pass after a few hours, legs hurt for a long time,
  • pain is severe and makes it difficult to move,
  • you have a fever
  • a rash has appeared
  • the child is listless, tired.

Any doubts and prolonged problems should be consulted with a doctor. Leg pain in children usually does not have a serious cause, but it is better to be safe when cold, especially if it is recurrent.