When does the child sit down? A few words about an important stage of development

When does the child sit down? A few words about an important stage of development

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When the child sits down, suddenly gains a new perspective. The world he observes changes and takes on a completely different form. It becomes more interesting and better available. This is a milestone in the development of a small person. What month is it and what can you expect at this stage?

What changes when a child sits down

The time when a child lies and tries to move to the right and left is relatively simple for parents. The toddler stays in the same place most of the time, sleeps much of the day. When the moment comes when the child sits down, a lot changes. The toddler discovers a new perspective, becomes more independent and has a better way to explore his own environment. Changing the position also brings greater possibilities for expanding the menu. A child can switch from a liquid diet to eating solid meals.

Straight backs, keeping your head and neck straight avoid choking. In addition, this position is a transition stage on the way to standing and walking.

Strong enough muscles

For a child to be able to sit, he or she must have sufficiently strong muscles. In other words, it must be ready. Therefore, it is a poor idea to accelerate this process when the infant does not yet have the strength to cope with this task. Therefore, never seat when the child is not ready for it, in this way you can harm your toddler!

When a child sits down in a natural process, he probably has a strong enough body: strong muscles of the neck, arms, stomach, back, hips. This process occurs naturally, week after week.

When does the child sit down?

The child usually sits between 4 and 7 months of age.

The point at which this happens is a very individual matter. A lot depends on physical readiness.

Can a parent help a toddler reach this stage?

It is advisable often putting the baby on the stomach, to strengthen the muscles of the back and neck. When the baby is lying on his tummy, it is worth putting a few toys in front of him. It is also advisable to talk to him. When you notice that the child can rise higher, not only holds the head, but also can lift the torso on his arms, lying on his tummy, you can in the position with the toddler on his knees, give the child his hands and thus support the sitting process. Your toddler will probably be very enthusiastic about the possibility of moving from a reclining position to a sitting position. Some children are able to sit down for a moment at the age of 5 months, but in this position they are very uncertain, they quickly fall sideways. Soon, the child, practicing different body positions, knows how to sit, leaning slightly forward and belaying with his hands, propping them on the sides.

Initially, the child can stand in a sitting position for several minutes, but each time this time increases.

How long can you wait, i.e. your child is 9 months old and not sitting

Standards for reaching certain stages of development in children are quite wide. That's why you don't have to worry if your toddler is not sitting yet and is already 6 months old.

When should you seek help? It is worth going to the pediatrician if the toddler is 9 months old and cannot sit alone even for a moment.


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