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Pregnant diet - learn the truths and myths

Pregnant diet - learn the truths and myths

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When your family and friends find out that you are pregnant, they start to need to advise and convey "life truths" related to your condition. This also applies to nutrition. Many of the sentences repeated in such situations are true, but so many are myths. What is worth believing in and what to put between fairy tales?

Eat for two. MYTH

While you are actually eating, you also provide food for your baby, but it is not the size of an adult, on the contrary: it is initially the size of a bean. So eating twice the amount of food will only end up with a significant excess of kilograms that will come to lose after pregnancy.

Avoid peanuts. TRUTH

Unfortunately, lovers of this snack should refrain from consuming it. There are two reasons: they can be a source of aflatoxin, a dangerous substance considered mutagenic, and secondly they increase the risk of allergies in a child (applies to women who are allergic to peanuts and have such people in their family).

Sprouts not for pregnant women. TRUTH

Unfortunately, although it is a rich source of microelements and vitamins, raw sprouts can also be a source of E.coli and salmonella. Let's put them away during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Sushi or tartare in pregnancy is a risk. TRUTH

Only the heat treatment process can neutralize bacteria both outside and inside. Even if you are a great enthusiast of rare steaks or portions of maki, exclude raw meat products during pregnancy.

Avoid blue cheese. TRUTH

Feta cheese, blue cheese and soft goat cheese, because they use raw milk, can be contaminated with the listeria bacterium that causes serious disease - listeriosis. Instead of this type of cheese, reach for ricotta, mozzarella, hard cheese, cream and yogurt.


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