Birthday wishes for the child - some original ideas

Birthday wishes for the child - some original ideas

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Children usually look forward to their birthday. They are planning a list of guests, they are looking forward to having fun together and of course presents. Wishes, not necessarily in the form of a poem, are an integral part of the birthday party. What birthday wishes for a child are it worth to write on the card? Here are some of our suggestions.

Birthday wishes for a child - for a super star!

Super Star for you

These sweet wishes.

They are all honest

All to meet.

That you would be joyful

Strong and healthy

Always smiling

ready to dance.

That your singing would brighten

Your parents' hearts.

I wish you a smile

And happiness in life.

Birthday wishes for the child - consists of teddy bear, doll and ...


in the morning sunshine got up and said that

… Today is your birthday,

so with teddy bear and doll

we hurry with wishes,

we send kisses

and we separate smile.

One hundred years!

Birthday wishes for the child - words that will be remembered

I won't give you flowers
despite sincere intentions but words,
which will be remembered:
I wish you happiness, a lot of joy
and a long happy future.
Let fate be in your sight
tears won't squeeze
let everything happen
is successful.
Everything that is beautiful and dream
on your birthday
let it be fulfilled.

Birthday wishes for a child - folded with a smile

Today is your birthday

so with the smile of the whole family,

we sing to you for a hundred years and send wishes.

Be healthy and joyful

from autumn to spring,

let school be light,

and duties are passing by.

Let your dreams come true

and parents' hearts are filled with joy!

Birthday wishes for a child - short

Today is your birthday,

so don't make yourself sore,

hot impressions when making your dreams come true.

Birthday wishes for a boy

There is a kitty and a dog,

and next to them a fledgling suckling,

say something to each other in an incomprehensible language,

about a little boy

who is ending today ...

so we hurry with wishes,

kisses and smiles!

Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for a child - classic

On the occasion of my birthday I wish you:
smile, health, joy,
lots of presents and guests,
Friendships, great and small,
many incredible adventures,
a happy smile and everything,
happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes for a child - we love you very much

Our beloved Kwiatuszek is celebrating his birthday today,

on this occasion we have the best wishes for you,

love and joy

crazy fun and lots of guests.

We hug you because we love you so much!

Birthday wishes for the child - loud fun and a tasty cake

We wish you a lot of fun on your birthday,

lots of presents, a tasty cake,

happy guests and a lot of joy!


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