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Game Karotka - Farm

Game Karotka - Farm

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Lisciani Giochi is a fairly popular brand that produces games for children.

The games are created under the guidance of the outstanding Italian educator Professor G. Lisciani. The choice is very large and the majority is cheerful carrot-Carrot.

As a mother of a boy who is fascinated by the rural world, I reached for the farm with great interest - because, however, there is nothing more useful than learning through play.
Carton box quite solid and colorful contains 8 cards with puzzles (16 cards counting on both sides) and a plastic carrot. The cards are made of good quality soft paper, although I regret that they are not made of cardboard, because they are easily accidentally crushed when playing.

Carrot (it resembles a thick pen) is made made of solid plastic, has a beautiful orange root with large eyes and a smiling face, and the one that shines during the game.

The game is all about giving correct answers contained on the cards with the tip of Carrot. For example, on the card No. 13 is the question: Which animal is ...? On the first half there is the inscription KURA and animals drawn - goose, hen, turkeys and next to each animal a black dot.

The child's task is touching the dot with the correct answer. After this, it is recommended to wait for the shout Carrots. When the child completes the task correctly, Carrot lights up and screams: "Łółło - wow", "Juhuuu" or OK, while with the wrong answer he cries: "OOU".

The game is very interesting, children can take long time to play it, and shouting Carrot gives a lot of fun while having fun. During the game, the child learns about the animals, tools and machines needed to work on the farm.

What are the didactic values ​​of the game?

  • the game teaches reading and writing with comprehension
  • teaches how to guess pictures
  • enriches the child's vocabulary
  • teaches comparison (small, large) as well as similarities and differences
  • teaches how to classify according to given criteria
  • teaches you how to remember, analyze and observe
  • teaches exploring the surrounding world, animals and their surroundings
  • teaches body control and precision

To complete batteries are included in Carrot 2 × 1.5V (we have been playing for over half a year and there was no need to replace them yet).

Price about 25-35 PLN depending on the place of purchase.
The game is intended for children over 3 years old due to the fact that the carrot has small elements, but under the supervision of a parent, already 2 years old will have a lot of fun playing Farm.

I generally don't notice flaws except soft cards.


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