A father gets fired for attending the birth of his son and something amazing happens

A father gets fired for attending the birth of his son and something amazing happens

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When Lamar's wife Lindsay went into labor, he knew he had a very important decision to make. He was about to have his fourth child and did not want to leave his wife alone. But there is no parental right in the United States. One of two: either she attended the delivery of her fourth child or she lowered her head and went to work without further ado. It didn't take long to make the decision.

Lamar Austin He did not hesitate: he did not plan to miss such an important moment, even if he had to quit his job as a security guard at Salerno Protective Services. He had already missed the day before to take his wife to the last check-up. Still, he told his boss that his wife was in labor and couldn't go to work, and left with her on the way to the hospital. But everything got complicated. The next day his wife was still in labor. Lamar called his boss again to explain the situation. The answer was No. He had no further permits. Lamar had to make a decision, and decided to stay with his wife. Shortly after, he received a message from his boss: he was fired.

But the story did not end there. It is true that in New Hampshire (United States) There is no paternity right, which is still a fact repudiated by many people. The point is that Lamar and Lindsay's baby was born with the first chimes of January 1 of the new year. He was the first baby to be born in his locality. And his story reached Sara persechino, a woman who did not know the family but who quickly empathized with them. Outraged by this situation, Sara created a solidarity campaign that began to circulate on social media.

Thanks to everyone's generosity, it was possible to raise money for the family (more than 12,000 euros) ... and job offers for Lamar!

The family smiles again. And Lamar now yes yes, he can say that made the best decision of his life. And it is that the birth of a child is an event that no parent should ever miss.

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