Prayer to the Child Jesus. Strenna Novena for Christmas

Prayer to the Child Jesus. Strenna Novena for Christmas

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The Novena de Aguinaldos is a tradition that children like a lot because it is like a countdown of the 9 days before Christmas, where the story of the arrival of the baby Jesus in Bethlehem is told. brings you the Novena of Strenna, this time we bring you the Prayer to the Child Jesus, which is the last prayer that is said in the Novena.

Remember, oh most sweet Child Jesus, that you said to the venerable Margaret of the Blessed Sacrament, and in her person to all your devotees, these words so consoling for our poor, burdened and suffering humanity: "Whatever you want to ask, ask for it. the merits of me childhood and nothing will be denied you. "

Full of confidence in you, oh, Jesus, that you are the same truth, we come to expose you all our misery. Help us to lead a holy life to achieve a blissful eternity. Grant us by the infinite merits of your incarnation and of your childhood the grace of which we need so much.

We give ourselves to you, O almighty Child, sure that our hope will not be frustrated, and that by virtue of your divine promise you will welcome and favorably dispatch our supplication. Amen.

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