Recipes with leeks. Healthy recipes for children and the whole family

Recipes with leeks. Healthy recipes for children and the whole family

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The leeks, also known for garlic joint, are a vegetable, a kind of elongated onion but with a softer, lighter and sweeter flavor. It is a vegetable that provides many benefits not only for the health of children as well as everyone else. It is a food with diuretic properties, with low calories, which is ideal to avoid obesity.

Leeks are also ideal to combat constipation as it is rich in fibers, as well as respiratory conditions.

Thinking about it, has selected some recipes with leek since this vegetable can contribute a good source of vitamins for children and the whole family.

Leek and goat cheese quiche. Simple goat cheese and leek quiche recipe. French cuisine. our site offers us to prepare an easy, exquisite, inexpensive and quick recipe for children to make. We teach you how to prepare this recipe, step by step.

Risotto of leeks, cod and spinach. Rice recipe with cod, leeks and spinach. our site offers us the recipe for a creative, juicy and exquisite risotto. A very easy and quick recipe to make at home.

Leeks Pie. Easy leek cake recipe for kids. our site offers us a simple leek quiche recipe for lunch, dinner, for a family celebration, such as birthdays, Christmas, or other. Cook this classic leek pie recipe with the children.

Quiche with cheese and leeks. our site proposes you to prepare, step by step, a cheese and leek quiche for dinner, the first course or the family appetizer. An easy, fast and simple recipe to make.

Leek and potato puree. Leek and potato puree or cream recipe for babies. our site has selected the best vegetable purees for baby food. Simple leek puree for the baby's diet. We teach you how to make a creamy puree, rich in vitamins and fibers, for children.

Leek and carrot puree. How to make a carrot and leek puree for the baby, step by step. We teach you how to make a vegetable puree for your baby. In this case, the main ingredients are carrot and leek. Both carrot and leek are foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

Cream of leeks. Leek cream recipe for children's Christmas Eve dinner. Leek cream, a traditional recipe for Christmas food. easy recipe for vichyssoise, healthy leek cream for children.

Leek and salmon quiche. Smoked Salmon and Leek Quiche is great for kids to try new and delicious flavors. It is a perfect recipe for parties and family celebrations.

Vichyssoise. Cream of leeks. Recipe for vichyssoise or cold soup of leeks with potatoes. We teach you how to prepare a light and refreshing cream for the hottest days. A healthy dish, ideal for children and pregnant women on a low-calorie diet. our site shows us how to do it, step by step.

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