How to recover your figure after childbirth

How to recover your figure after childbirth

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One of the main concerns of all mothers after giving birth is to recover the figure. However, it takes time for the body to recover after pregnancy and delivery. In addition, during breastfeeding it is not recommended to start any type of diet.

So ... what can we do to regain the body from before? Can you lose weight in any way postpartum? Here are some tips.

Ideally, the pregnant woman would not end up with more weight than established, and not gain too much weight during pregnancy. However, many women end up gaining more pounds than desired. Write down these tips to get rid of them:

1. Breastfeeding: A great idea to lose weight after childbirth is to opt for breastfeeding, as it helps to eliminate fat and balance the body.

2. Balanced diet: It is essential to have a proper diet during the postpartum period and not get carried away by 'cravings'. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, and choose to cook foods in the oven, steamed and grilled, to avoid accumulation of fat. And if at some point the body 'asks' us for a sweet, we can take it, but taking into account that the rest of the day we are eating a balanced and healthy diet.

3. Gentle exercise: The best immediate postpartum exercise to burn calories is walking with your baby. Walking burns calories and taking baby outside is good for mom and baby. Combine these outings with some abs exercises.

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