Taking off the baby's diaper according to the Montessori philosophy

Taking off the baby's diaper according to the Montessori philosophy

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The removal of the baby's diaper is a challenge for many parents, however, most children adjust without problems after an adjustment period, as long as, of course, the right time has come and the child is prepared.

How to remove the diaper from babies? What methods work? There are many theories and tricks, but among all, in We present the one that is based on the Montessori philosophy.

María Montessori's philosophy is based mainly on achieving the child's autonomy by respecting his process and offering him an adapted and prepared environment so that he can achieve it. Thinking about this, to eliminate the diaper to the child, this is what should and should not be done:

- Do not depend on the age of the child: According to many theories, when the child turns 2 years old, you have to start removing the diaper, but the Montessori philosophy says that the ideal time is when the child is ready to control toilet training, regardless of age. It depends on its physiological maturity. It is not something that is learned, it is something that is achieved when one is prepared.

- Do not depend on the season of the year: Although in summer it is easier to remove the diaper because the child wears less clothing and at night it does not stay wet with the cold, it is preferable to remove it in the season of the year in which the child is ready to leave it, even if it is winter.

- Prepare a suitable environment: offer the child everything he may need and that is at his fingertips, be it a potty, an adapter, a step so that he can climb the toilet and wet wipes. In this way, when you feel like it, you won't depend on us and you can solve it yourself.

- Do not force him to sit on the toilet: Instead of forcing the child to sit on the toilet and have him there as if it were a punishment, it is preferable to ask him if he needs to pee or poop, and be aware of the gestures they make.

- Not establishing a prize system: the child must see that it is a normal process and when he succeeds, he will have taken another step in his development. It is not advisable to tempt him with toys or gifts to get it.

- Do not punish or scold him: in learning, we all make mistakes, the child may also have some 'leak'. Instead of scolding him, we should downplay and motivate him.

- Do not pose it as a challenge that is achieved in a few days: some children take two days and others fifteen. There are no methods that help to achieve this on certain days.

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