Grandparents: Do they raise or spoil their grandchildren?

Grandparents: Do they raise or spoil their grandchildren?

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Grandparents ... how important they are in the education of children! It is possible that they were strict, harsh or authoritarian parents, but in their old age we witness a change in their character and they become patient, calm and permissive in the treatment of their grandchildren. Men who never changed diapers are now grandparents who are adept at removable. Women who were more aware of the priorities of the house and the care of the children, leave the tasks undone to play with their grandchildren. Sgood grandparents for your grandchildren.

In my case, I have to say that I am very lucky, both my in-laws and my mother are excellent grandparents. They adore their grandchildren and go out of their way for them. They take care of them on vacation, they pick them up from school when I can't and they are always there to help out. They love them and my children notice it, so much so that they spend the day asking to see their grandparents. What would I do without them!

Grandparents can do a lot of good for their grandchildren:

- by having more patience and time than many parents they can give you great peace of mind. Parents are sometimes in a hurry and stressed through life and we don't have room for details.

- they can pass on great experiences and knowledge that the grandchildren will keep forever.

- lIt is give affection, love and pamperingAll of them values ​​that will translate into well-being for the child.

Grandparents are not perfect, as parents are wrong and also, we all know that there are grandparents who go out of their way for their grandchildren and others who are carefree, authoritarian and not present in their day to day. In any case and despite putting everything on their part, one of the main complaints of parents towards grandparents is their extraordinary ability to 'spoil' them.

Parents set rules such as: 'do not sleep in your arms', 'do not feed him, he knows only', 'let him put on his shoes, the child can do it', 'do not give him so many things' ... .and when you turn around, they have dressed and put the child's slippers to go to the street, they have fed the child ... 5 years old! They have slept in their arms and like every day, the children have a new gift. There is no one who fights with the rebellion of the grandparents.

Then the children come home and want you to feed or dress them even though you have invested time and effort in teaching them to be autonomous. Fighting against those 'little licenses' from grandparents is, at times, a losing battle. It is therefore a fact that, parents raise and grandparents spoil. It is possible that when we are grandparents we will too.

In any case, if we balance the negative and positive things about a grandparent, the good things outweigh so much that no grandchild should grow up without the invaluable presence of a grandparent or grandparent in their life, right?

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