Parents' role against bullying

Parents' role against bullying

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The intervention of parents, both the harassed and the harasser, in the face of the phenomenon of school bullying or bullying it is very necessary. Being on either side of the barrier is being in trouble and it is as important to prevent the bully from continuing to harass as it is for the victim to continue to be bullied.

However, addressing the problem in both cases is not easy, so we have compiled some tips to guide parents when acting in front of a case of bullying school:

In the event that parents suspect that their child is bullied or a victim of bullyingIt is extremely positive to establish a channel of communication and trust with your child so that he feels comfortable talking to you about all the good and bad that he is experiencing. If your child is a victim, talk to him, and commit to helping him solve this problem. Tell him that he is not to blame for this situation. Don't make him feel guilty or abandon him. Always try something else.

Sit down next to your child and talk about it. Make him feel like he's clothed, without stimulating dependency. Get as many people involved as possible and follow these tips:

1. Investigate in detail what is happening. Listen to your son and don't interrupt him. Let him vent his pain.

2. Get in touch with your child's teacher, the school administration and the head of studies to alert them to what is happening, and ask for their cooperation in the investigation and resolution of the facts.

3. Don't encourage your child to be aggressive or take revenge. It would make the situation worse.

4. Discuss assertive alternatives for responding to bullies and practice responding with your child.

5. In the event that the harassment continues, be prepared to contact an attorney.

6. Depending on the degree of anxiety and fear in which your child is involved, find a psychologist to help him overcome this trauma. But never forget that the best help, in those cases, is that of the family.

7. Stay calm and don't show all your concern. Show determination and positivity.

It is very difficult for many parents to recognize something negative in their children's behavior, that is why it is very important, when the case is detected, that they work directly with the school to solve this problem, immediately, since normally the problem misconduct usually grows like a snowball.

What the parents of the bully should never do is use violence to repair the problem. They can be accused of mistreating their child.

These tips can help you turn the situation on the positive side:

1. Research why is your son a bully.

2. Talk to the teachers, ask for their help, and listen to all the criticism about your child.

3. Get closer to your child's friends and see what activities they do.

4. Establish a channel of communication and trust with your child. Children need to feel that their parents are listening to them.

5. Watch yourself to do not blame others for your son's misconduct.

6. Collaborate with the school by following up on the case and recording the improvements.

7. Channel your child's aggressive behavior towards some competitive sport, for example.

8. Point out to your child that bullying behavior is not allowed in the family.

9. Make it clear to him what will happen if the bullying continues.

10. Teach practice good behaviors.

11. Don't ignore the situation. Stay calm and try to know how to help your child.

12. Help your child to express his dissatisfactions and frustrations without aggression.

13. Show your child that you still love him as much or more than before. But what you disapprove of their behavior.

14. Encourage him to acknowledge his mistake and to apologize to the victim. Praise their good deeds.

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