How to prevent a balloon from exploding with fire. Experiment for children

How to prevent a balloon from exploding with fire. Experiment for children

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Although at first glance the balloons seem fragile, we can make them resist even the fire of a candle. All you need to do is fill a water balloon.

Of course, to carry out this experiment for children, adult supervision is necessary, since we will have a dangerous element such as fire.

  • 1 balloon
  • Water
  • 1 candle

Tip: It is recommended that this experiment be carried out under the supervision of an adult to avoid mishaps with fire.

1. Take a balloon and fill it only with air.

2. Bring the balloon close to the fire of a candle and you will see how it explodes instantly.

3. Now repeat the process with another balloon but filling it with water.

4. When you bring it closer to the candle, you will see that, unlike the previous one, the balloon filled with water does not explode.

The air-filled balloon explodes because it picks up heat instantly. While the water-filled balloon is much more heat resistant and it takes time to explode. This is because water needs to absorb much more energy to turn into steam.


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