How does fog form. Experiments for children

How does fog form. Experiments for children

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Fog is one of the atmospheric phenomena that most fascinates children. Do you know how it is formed? In Guiainfantil we teach you an experiment to know the formation of fog, step by step.

With this experiment for children you will not only know the factors that influence the formation of fog, but you will also learn how to put it into practice to teach it to your children in your free time.

  • 1 crystal glass
  • 1 strainer
  • 3 ice
  • Hot water

Tip: Let the glass warm up by filling it to the top with water and then shake a little to see the mist.

1. Take a jug of hot water and fill a tall glass to the top.

2. Let the glass heat up for 30 seconds, then empty it in half.

3. Put a strainer over the glass and place three ice cubes. You will see how the vapor that remains underneath begins to condense.

This is because some of the hot water turns into steam. The vapor underneath the ice cools down and ends up turning into water, which is called condensation. The small drops of water that are suspended in the air form the fog.

Video: Dry Ice Water Geyser Experiment for Kids (June 2022).


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