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Home Spa for the baby

Home Spa for the baby

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Who of us loves not to be pampered, massaged, lubricated? Sometimes after a busy day, we dream of a long warm bath in the bathtub and a relaxing massage. Not only we adults need relaxation, babies too. They freak up from the morning, practice tumbling from their backs to their tummy, crawl, learn to walk. All this requires a lot of effort of the whole body and even the little ones feel fatigue (despite several naps). In the evenings, when bathing time comes, children are often grumpy and sometimes they cry from fatigue. Why should you treat your child to a home spa? Babies will calm down, and older children will learn new hygiene habits and enrich knowledge about body care.

Room preparation

In the room where we will be with the child should rule right temperature - it can't be too cold or too hot. Remember to also the bath water was at the right temperature - because it is supposed to bring pleasure to the toddler.

Children feel best surrounded by things they see every day, so it would be good decorate the room with a few favorite toys, teddy bears, dolls or bath toys.

The light in the room it should not be too bright so that it does not hurt the baby's eyes, the best will be small lamp (if necessary, you can cover her with a diaper).

You can also set several candles (e.g. lavender) to additionally illuminate the room, give the right mood and introduce a fragrance (although with this you should not overdo it). When setting a lamp or candles, please remember about safety, candles should be kept away from the baby and the lamp has not come into contact with water.

It is also worth taking care of appropriate relaxing music, rather calm and quiet, so as not to distract the toddler. Because bathing will be one of the most important treatments, it will be most convenient to plan home spa in the bathroom, this will facilitate quick access to water - although you can also prepare a bath in the room - a plastic bath tub is enough.

If the main treatment room is a room, it is best to prepare it on a bed, cot or changing table previously unfolded towelso as not to stress the impatient child in any way. If the bath will take place in the bathroom, use a changing table or blanket spread on the floor, covered with a towel.

Useful at home spa:

  • 2 towels made of a delicate material (you can warm them slightly on the radiator), or a blanket
  • bubble bath (if your child is not allergic, you can be tempted by a liquid with a delicate fragrance note, and for larger children choose a special liquid that allows you to make a large amount of foam)
  • sponges, washers - preferably delicate, colorful and in the shape of animals
  • plastic tub (unless we use a large bathtub in the bathroom)
  • plastic cup
  • ear sticks
  • cotton pads
  • olive or moisturizing lotion
  • warm clothes

Baby bath

Once the room has been properly prepared, you can invite your baby. It's best to tame the baby first, show candles, a baby bath tub, a blanket spread out, and then gently and slowly remove the clothes.

When the toddler gets impatient, you need to speak to him quietly and calmly. An older child will also be better acquainted with the surroundings so that they know what awaits them, then help them undress and enter the bathtub.

We put the toddler in the water slowly, calmly tame it with water, pour it first with your hand, then with a cup or squeezed sponge, so that the child can hear the sound of flowing water, first the feet and gradually the rest of the body.

We gently wash the baby with a sponge or washcloth, pretending that, for example, a fish sponge kisses a tummy or foot, let the child know that it's fun that brings a lot of pleasure.

After a relaxing bath, it's time for a massage. We take the toddler out of the tub on the previously prepared towel and gently dry the body. If necessary, clean the ears thoroughly with cotton buds, and clean the mouth with cotton pads. Everything should be done slowly without sudden movements, so that the child doesn't get scared.


Before we start the massage, let's make sure hands were warm, a cold massage can be unpleasant for a baby. The massage is done with the hands with the addition of olives.

It's best to start with toddler's hand. Toddler's hand is lightly greased with olive oil, and starting from the thumb and successively massaging all fingers, straightening gently. We gradually move to the wrist and move our hands to the shoulders. Repeat the procedure on the other handle.

Similarly we proceed with the legs, first massage the toes, feet up to the thighs.

Tummy massage we make circular movements around the navel, and when the child has problems with colic we lift his legs, bend and press a few times gently to the tummy. Then we put the toddler on his stomach and gently massage neck and neck first, then the back and bottom we make gentle circular movements of the thumb while moving the hand.

Finally, we dress up the toddler without haste and take him to the cot, serving milk.

After such a relaxing and calming evening, the toddler should not have problems falling asleep.