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Developmental leaps and milestones in the second and third year of life

Developmental leaps and milestones in the second and third year of life

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There are breakthrough moments in the development of a small child, which are referred to as milestones and developmental leaps. The former concern physical changes, while the latter define important moments in the development of the senses and mind.

Before a developmental leap occurs, the child may have a worse appetite, be tearful, strenuous, "more childish", forget about the skills they have learned, "hang on their parents", etc. When the jump passes, it suddenly turns out that from "day for the day ", the toddler learned an incredible amount ...
The following list shows a certain average, the deviation from it one way or the other should not be worrying.

From 12 to 18 months

    • Children grow more slowly. Most often they weigh three times as much as at birth.
    • Most children start walking. Babies with higher weight and larger head circumferences acquire this ability later than their leaner peers.
    • The child uses his finger and thumb to catch small objects (in this way he can grab even small powders).
    • He learns about objects with his mouth, he uses his sense of sight and touch to a greater extent.
    • The child is in constant motion, does not stop exploring the environment, is very interesting, and ensuring optimal safety is a challenge.
    • Practices the skill of arranging objects. Where possible, he climbs, trying to get higher and higher - from the ground, on his chair, from it to the couch, from the couch trying to climb on the backrest, etc.
    • He clearly points with his finger what he wants and lets me know to give it to him.
    • He can throw the ball and roll it.
    • He can draw with pencils.
    • Can mix with a spoon.


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