Factors negatively affecting lactation

Factors negatively affecting lactation

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The success of breastfeeding depends on many factors. Below we have collected those that can have a negative impact on milk production. It is worth remembering them in order to prevent any problems in time.

  • Insufficient breast stimulation by weak or ineffective suction. If your baby is too sleepy (for example due to jaundice), they may have trouble emptying the breast completely.
  • The mother is separated from the child or feeds the child "rigidly" at set times, which may result in insufficient milk production and a rapid transition to modified milk.
  • Illness or stress
  • Hormonal disorders (caused by poor thyroid or pituitary function).
  • Many mothers have a problem with milk production during the course of a minor infection (runny nose) or when they return to work.
  • Frequent use of the pacifier to calm down, which may discourage some babies from sucking on their breasts.
  • Sore and irritated nipples, which may postpone breast feeding.
  • Breast surgery, especially breast reduction (implant placement to a lesser extent) can result in low milk supply.

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